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    6666Being able to test translations in the GUI while they are being worked on is something many have requested. The translation file are parsed into [ .RC script] files which are compiled into DLLs. This means that in order to test a translation you need to be able to generate that final DLL which Halite can use. I have tried to put together a small package to automate this whole process for non-developers. 
     68Download and extract [ archive]. You will end up with two folders- {{{res}}} is a snapshot of the current Halite resource sourcecode and {{{lang}}{ is a folder containing the current translations as well as some of the utilities needed to compile the translations into DLLs. Unfortunatly I can't really distribute all the necessary tools because to copyright issues and such. Thankfully the additional files necessary are freely availible online. 
     70What you need is the MS resource compiler, {{{rc.exe}}}, the linker {{{link.exe}}},a tiny tool {{{cvtres.exe}}} and their support DLLs. These are availible from a number of locations of which I'll list two. 
     72The smallest download containing these files of which I'm aware of is the [ Masm32] package for writing assembly programs for 32bit windows. If you download that package you can open it in an archive manager like 7zip (i.e. you don't need to install it if you don't wish to). Browse to the {{{bin}} folder and copy the following files into the {{{lang}}} folder- {{{rc.exe}}}, {{{rcdll.dll}}}, {{{cvtres.exe}}}, {{{link.exe}}} and {{{mspdb50.dll}}}. 
     74Alternativly if you can get the files from the Express edition of VC++. The files you want in that case would be {{{rc.exe}}}, {{{rcdll.dll}}}, {{{cvtres.exe}}}, {{{link.exe}}} and {{{mspdb50.dll}}}.