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Frequently Asked Questions


Will Halite support another OS like Linux?

It is unlikely Halite as a graphical client will support another OS unfortunately. All the underlying infrastructure like libtorrent and the Boost libraries (e.g. ASIO, filesystem, and threads) are very portable but the GUI toolkit used by Halite is the  WTL which is entirely windows bounded, infact you can't even compile with MinGW.

This was a conscious design decision I made from day one. While there are many good portable GUI toolkits out there, say  wxWidgets probably being the most popular, but all seemed to vastly increase the memory footprint of Halite. Ultimately I couldn't justify making that sacrifice.

Though I must say I wish there had been a viable alternative to WTL. The WTL is much more elegant than the bare bones API, and much leaner than MFC, but in many ways WTL is still a very primitive wrapper around the Win32 API. There is much scope to improve it with more modern C++ practises.

User Interface

What's the difference between global and torrent limits?

Global Limits are the onles Halite will always respect.

Torrent Limits are a way to split your download/upload speeds among single torrents. Leaving those limits to default (Infinite) will always respect Global Limits.

It's not reccomended to leave Global limits off, since it causes slowdowns in your connection.

Quick Configuration Guide

  1. from the bar placed in the upper part of the window select Options (screwdriver & monkey-wrench icon) to access main config window:
  1. GENERAL tab:

-> Select your favourite language from the right part of the panel (you will need to reboot every time you change language, for it to work properly);
-> first option on the left will let you open only one instance of Halite per time;
-> second one on the left will activate advanced tabbed interface (you can achieve this also through the appropriate "wheely button" on the mainbar);
-> "minimize to tray" is pretty self-explaining;
-> "close to tray" will let you do so. To close Halite, then, you'll have to rightlick/Exit on its tray icon;
-> "confirm on close" will display a small confirmation window whenever you close Halite;

  1. BITTORRENT tab:

-> Select one or more ports Halite will be passing data through (if you have a router, you'll have to see wether it supports NAT-PMG / UnPlug? and Play. If so, you can leave this options blank and select the appropriate method on the lower part of this tab. If not, find out how to open your router ports manually, following tutorials);
-> Limit the no. of half-open connections: since Windows XP SP2 in poi, Microsoft OS won't let you open mone than 10 simultaneous connections to-and-fro your pc. To bypass this limits, you can patch your TCPIP.sys file, using the appropriate tools linkeded on our forums; if you don't want to patch it, you can enter any number from 1 to 10;
-> enable DHT: select this to enable Distributed Hash Tables to scrape for peers when a tracker is unavailable/unreachable. You'll need portforwarding like the above;

  1. SECURITY tab:

-> select "Enable IP filtering" to import IPFilter.dat file from other P2P apps (Please Note: this will increase Halite's RAM usage. Alternatively, you can also use some blacklisting firewall like PhoenixLabs? PeerGuardian2);
-> Enable Protocol Encryption choosing bothe the protocols (Plaintext and RC4), possibly specifying "prefer RC4". Connection Policies can be specified using the appropriate menu on the right. Default "Enabled" option is advised for both incoming/outgoing.

  1. TORRENTS tab:

-> Select, through the appropriate options, the limits to incoming/outgoing connections and the maximum upload slots open. Global limits will be always respected, even if you don't fill in per Torrent ones;
-> You can also set speed limits for both Download and Upload, General and per torrent;
-> In the lower part, you can configure your default download folder, plus tick in the option to let you confirm it every torrent you'll add. There's also an option to automatically move downloaded files from the default to another folder;

  1. ABOUT tab contains the credits, of course.

Click on the "Apply" button on the bottom of the window containing all those tabs, then it's highly advisable for you to reboot Halite, to ensure correct storing of the settings.