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Frequently Asked Questions


Will Halite support another OS like Linux?

It is unlikely Halite as a graphical client will support another OS unfortunately. All the underlying infrastructure like libtorrent and the Boost libraries (e.g. ASIO, filesystem, and threads) are very portable but the GUI toolkit used by Halite is the  WTL which is entirely windows bounded, infact you can't even compile with MinGW.

This was a conscious design decision I made from day one. While there are many good portable GUI toolkits out there, say  wxWidgets probably being the most popular, but all seemed to vastly increase the memory footprint of Halite. Ultimately I couldn't justify making that sacrifice.

Though I must say I wish there had been a viable alternative to WTL. The WTL is much more elegant than the bare bones API, and much leaner than MFC, but in many ways WTL is still a very primitive wrapper around the Win32 API. There is much scope to improve it with more modern C++ practises.

User Interface

What's the difference between global and torrent limits?