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Ticket Summary Status Owner Type Milestone Priority
#27 Revert to 408 snapshot to investigagate instabilities since then new Eoin defect major
#30 Is Halite opening the wrong port? new Eoin defect v 0.3.1 major
#32 Revise Halite.xml automatic backups behaviour new Eoin defect major
#33 Support 'Scrape Trackers' new Eoin feature request v 0.3.2 major
#37 Investigate stats sending to Tracker new Eoin defect major
#39 rev 734 is Leaking new Eoin defect v 0.3.2 major
#42 Halite breaks for any user other than the one that installed it new Eoin defect major
#44 Error with Remove -> Torrent and Data new Eoin defect major
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