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(edit) @618   12 years Eoin Port randomization and router model reporting added.
(edit) @616   12 years Eoin Queue adjustment almost implemented, one last bit to link up.
(edit) @599   12 years Eoin Supporting the new libtorrent interface to fast resume data. Not yet …
(edit) @582   12 years Eoin client_test subproject.
(edit) @578   12 years Eoin Switching trunk to WTL themeing and Aero support checks.
(edit) @573   12 years Eoin Disabled libtorrent and serialization warnings over which I've no control.
(edit) @570   12 years Eoin Switching from deprecated libtorrent functions.
(edit) @564   12 years Eoin Added win32_exception class.
(edit) @561   12 years Eoin Commiting trunk vs 2005 sln.
(edit) @558   12 years Eoin Settings stored in Application Folder if reg entry present.
(edit) @557   12 years Eoin Adding check in registry for install directory.
(edit) @556   12 years Eoin New trunk WiX project (HaliteWix?).
(edit) @554   12 years Eoin Implementing a new signaler infrastructure.
(edit) @546   12 years Eoin
(edit) @541   12 years Eoin Updating halConfig serialization.
(edit) @539   12 years Eoin Fixed problem with log singleton (there were 2 of 'em!)
(edit) @536   12 years Eoin Switching trunk to tXML settings storage.
(edit) @532   12 years Eoin Updating languages
(edit) @513   12 years Eoin Merging some files related to torrent creation.
(edit) @512   12 years Eoin Updated torrent creation to be compatible with trunk.
(edit) @511   12 years Eoin Merging some files related to torrent creation.
(edit) @507   12 years Eoin Added ListViewIterators?.hpp. Major find and replace of TorrentDetails? and …
(edit) @505   12 years Eoin Added configuration options for the new libtorrent queue feature.
(edit) @503   12 years Eoin Cleaned up trunk alert handler code.
(edit) @495   12 years Eoin Changes seem ok.
(edit) @494   12 years Eoin Gonna make some dangerous 'replace all's
(edit) @491   12 years Eoin Merging changes from branch into trunk.
(edit) @483   12 years Eoin
(edit) @480   13 years Eoin Much more refactoring my session code into seperate file.
(edit) @479   13 years Eoin Refactoring my session code into seperate file.
(edit) @474   13 years Eoin Fixes to shutdown code.
(edit) @472   13 years Eoin Deleting useless branches.
(edit) @467   13 years Eoin Reverting to Boost 1.34.1 for the 0.3.1 release.
(edit) @464   13 years Eoin
(edit) @463   13 years Eoin Commiting WiX v3 project.
(edit) @462   13 years Eoin Deleting old WiX project.
(edit) @459   13 years Eoin Tweaks to shutdown code.
(edit) @455   13 years Eoin Cleared out orphaned code after refactoring.
(edit) @452   13 years Eoin Update libtorrent fixed +4GB bug.
(edit) @445   13 years Eoin The preview snapshot.
(edit) @440   13 years Eoin Fixed a bug in close_all for torrents.
(edit) @436   13 years Eoin Added a generic container dialog for sub dialogs.
(edit) @429   13 years Eoin Files and trackers correctly passed to create_torrent.
(edit) @427   13 years Eoin Additional work on Torrent creation.
(edit) @423   13 years Eoin Some refactoring on the Listview Locks.
(edit) @420   13 years Eoin Framework for Web seeds and DHT nodes in torrent creation in place.
(edit) @419   13 years Eoin Factored out base code for adding and editing items in ListViews?. Made the …
(edit) @409   13 years Eoin Added support for individual xml saves pre torrent but havn't set when to …
(edit) @408   13 years Eoin Fixed crucial tracker login bugs.
(edit) @407   13 years Eoin Fixed threading bug, ready for a snapshot I hope.
(edit) @403   13 years Eoin Added command to recheck torrents.
(edit) @398   13 years Eoin
(edit) @397   13 years Eoin Arrgh in place edit!
(edit) @395   13 years Eoin Working of Hilight Edit control.
(edit) @392   13 years Eoin Tweaked for precompiled headers.
(edit) @385   13 years Eoin Working on torrent creation.
(edit) @382   13 years Eoin Toying with WiX.
(edit) @381   13 years Eoin UPnP and NAT-PMP snapshot.
(edit) @380   13 years Eoin Added singaling, fixed UPnP bug.
(edit) @379   13 years Eoin More 'New Torrent' dialog work.
(edit) @376   13 years Eoin v release.
(edit) @373   13 years Eoin Test UPnP.
(edit) @370   13 years Eoin Updated some (not all!) copyright dates.
(edit) @367   13 years Eoin Adv Torrent editboxes improved.
(edit) @366   13 years Eoin Halite edit control seems to work for HaliteDialog? and ConfigOptions?. Not …
(edit) @358   13 years Eoin 0.3 rc
(copy) @351   13 years Eoin
copied from sln:
(edit) @325   13 years Eoin Fixed tinyxml bug!!
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