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(edit) @776   11 years Eoin Spellings fixed and languages updated.
(edit) @770   11 years Eoin Preparing for snapshot release.
(edit) @764   11 years Eoin Fixed the starting (or not) of added torrents.
(edit) @762   11 years Eoin Created the time picker dialog. Have only implemented pausing and exit …
(edit) @757   11 years Eoin Midway not compiling code because incomplete for datetime picker dialog.
(edit) @730   12 years Eoin
(edit) @726   12 years Eoin Fixed the sorting on the HaliteDialog?.
(edit) @720   12 years Eoin Sorting messed up again,
(edit) @710   12 years Eoin
(edit) @695   12 years kavika Added new translation strings.
(edit) @651   12 years Eoin Disabled sorting so to replace it with own code.
(edit) @642   12 years Eoin
(edit) @641   12 years Eoin
(edit) @634   12 years Eoin Fixed small issues with file progress and paused states with unmanaged …
(edit) @633   12 years Eoin DHT config options fully wired up.
(edit) @631   12 years Eoin Adding new toolbar image to repo.
(edit) @630   12 years Eoin Extra DHT config added to UI but not hooked up. ConfigOptions? remembers …
(edit) @628   12 years Eoin Caches figures displayed correctly.
(edit) @625   12 years Eoin Cache setting GUI in progress
(edit) @624   12 years Eoin Some cache stats displayed.
(edit) @622   12 years Eoin hal equivilant of libt::cache_status struct.
(edit) @618   12 years Eoin Port randomization and router model reporting added.
(edit) @616   12 years Eoin Queue adjustment almost implemented, one last bit to link up.
(edit) @614   12 years Eoin ListView? grouping works. But a lacking on the API side means it's …
(edit) @612   12 years Eoin Allocation mode combobox.
(edit) @590   12 years Eoin Supporting the new libtorrent interface to fast resume data. Not yet …
(edit) @573   12 years Eoin Disabled libtorrent and serialization warnings over which I've no control.
(edit) @542   12 years Eoin Updating HaliteWindow? serialization.
(edit) @519   12 years Eoin Adding a 'queued view' mode to main listview.
(edit) @517   12 years Eoin Added xml tweakable timeout values.
(edit) @513   12 years Eoin Merging some files related to torrent creation.
(edit) @507   12 years Eoin Added ListViewIterators?.hpp. Major find and replace of TorrentDetails? and …
(edit) @505   12 years Eoin Added configuration options for the new libtorrent queue feature.
(edit) @496   12 years Eoin Added more alert reports.
(edit) @495   12 years Eoin Changes seem ok.
(edit) @494   12 years Eoin Gonna make some dangerous 'replace all's
(edit) @461   12 years Eoin Improved Torrent Creation.
(edit) @460   12 years Eoin Fixed 'Close to Tray' bug. Added name properity to torrents.
(edit) @459   12 years Eoin Tweaks to shutdown code.
(edit) @444   12 years Eoin More translation ignores. German translation updated.
(edit) @441   12 years Eoin Revamped the CloseSplash? Dialog. Cleaned some UI rough edges.
(edit) @440   12 years Eoin Fixed a bug in close_all for torrents.
(edit) @438   12 years Eoin Cleaned up Progress Dialog and NewTorrent? Dialog. Ruby language script now …
(edit) @437   12 years Eoin Editing torrent folders added.
(edit) @436   12 years Eoin Added a generic container dialog for sub dialogs.
(edit) @433   12 years Eoin Translations updated.
(edit) @432   12 years Eoin Torrent creation is working!
(edit) @431   12 years Eoin Torrent creation soooooo close.
(edit) @427   13 years Eoin Additional work on Torrent creation.
(edit) @425   13 years Eoin Dialog woes :)
(edit) @424   13 years Eoin Web seed and Dht node add dialog half done.
(edit) @420   13 years Eoin Framework for Web seeds and DHT nodes in torrent creation in place.
(edit) @419   13 years Eoin Factored out base code for adding and editing items in ListViews?. Made the …
(edit) @403   13 years Eoin Added command to recheck torrents.
(edit) @398   13 years Eoin
(edit) @397   13 years Eoin Arrgh in place edit!
(edit) @392   13 years Eoin Tweaked for precompiled headers.
(edit) @389   13 years Eoin Working on New Torrent Dialog.
(edit) @387   13 years Eoin Tab presses in 'Advanced' tabs correctly pass to relevent dialogs.
(edit) @386   13 years Eoin New Torrent Dialog switched over to PropertySheets?.
(edit) @385   13 years Eoin Working on torrent creation.
(edit) @384   13 years Eoin Added 'Open Download Folder'.
(edit) @383   13 years Eoin Mockup of New Torrent Dialog.
(edit) @381   13 years Eoin UPnP and NAT-PMP snapshot.
(edit) @380   13 years Eoin Added singaling, fixed UPnP bug.
(edit) @379   13 years Eoin More 'New Torrent' dialog work.
(edit) @374   13 years Eoin
(edit) @371   13 years Eoin The release.
(edit) @370   13 years Eoin Updated some (not all!) copyright dates.
(edit) @369   13 years Eoin 0.3 maybe?
(edit) @365   13 years Eoin Notify user of low level socket error such as from firewalls blocking the …
(edit) @364   13 years Eoin Added 'Close to tray' and 'Confirm on close'.
(edit) @356   13 years Eoin Fixed a bug with blocking non-visible uiUpdate connections.
(copy) @355   13 years Eoin Trunking
copied from res:
(edit) @348   13 years Eoin Further decoupling GUI from Torrents.
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