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1Halite: A Free Open-Source BitTorrent client
3Version: 0.2.9 Revision 344 Snapshot released 2nd December 2007
5NOTE! This is a snapshot build, as such there are incomplete features.
6Please see the forum for the most up to date details.
8WWW: Forum:
11Developer: Eóin O'Callaghan
13Halite (named after the mineral) is a BitTorrent client based on Arvid
14Norberg's excellent libtorrent library from Rasterbar Software. The
15program also relies on the Boost libraries.
19While still at an early state of development Halite is a functional
20BitTorrent client. So far its list of features is pretty standard but
21that is because I want to ensure it does the basic stuff well.
23That said, it supports:
25  + Multiple downloads.
26  + Displays more detailed information for the selected torrent.
27  + Connection limits both global and per-torrent.
28  + Transfer rate limits again global and per-torrent.
29  + Minimize to tray with transfer rate summary.
30  + Trackerless torrents (using the Mainline kademlia DHT protocol).
31  + IP filtering with eMule ipfilter.dat import.
32  + Association with ".torrent" files.
33  + Option to limit the number of instances to one.
34  + Estimated time remaining indicator.
35  + Full Unicode support through UTF-8 and native Windows wide-char
36    strings.
37  + Login support where tracker requires it.
38  + Ability to edit trackers specified in the torrent.
40Planned in near future:
42Listed here is what is being worked on in the short term; for a more
43detailed list see [].
45  + Translations of the UI into a number of languages through the help
46    of volunteers.
47  + Improved and extended information on the details given for
48    connected peers.
50Requirements: Windows 2000, XP, Server 2003 and Vista (Note currently
51Vista users need to install the application to a directory where they
52will have full read and write access to. The recommended solution is
53to use the standalone exe distribution and not the installer.
55Known Issues/Problems:
57Halite does not always gracefully accept configuration information
58from previous versions. Should you experience crashes upon running
59Halite you should delete any old Halite.ini.xml or Halite.xml.
61You will not lose any downloads in progress and those which do not
62restart automatically can be done so manually by loading the
63associated torrent file from the 'torrents' subdirectory.
67 - from v 0.2.8 to 0.2.9:
68   1) Full Unicode support!
69   2) Rewitten XML fileformat with greatly improved robustness.
70   3) New tabbed interface makes better use of screen real estate.
71   4) Ability to edit Trackers and set login details.
72   5) Comprehensive logging for diagnosing problems.
73   6) Windows 2000 and Server 2003 supported fully.
74   7) Updated to recent versions of Boost and libtorrent.
75   8) Numerous bug fixes.
76   9) Switched to MSVC 2005 compiler (8.0) for improved reliability
77      though at the cost of slightly bigger executables.
79- from v 0.2.7 to 0.2.8:
80   1) IP filtering support eMule style ipfilter.dat files.
81   2) DHT support, thought it is turned off by default.
82   3) Can select alternate save directory for torrents..
83   4) New icon!
85 - from v 0.2.6 to 0.2.7:
86   1) By default Halite will only allow one instance to be launched
87   2) Halite can be set as the default program for '.torrent' files.
88   3) ETA indicator for torrents. 4) Minor GUI tweaks.
90 - from v 0.2.5 to 0.2.6:
91   1) Fixed a silly bug (i.e. I should have caught it sooner) whereby
92      exiting Halite from the tray would screw up the window layout
93      next time running it.
94   2) Added auto-selection to Torrents list to make it more intuitive.
96 - from v 0.2 to 0.2.5:
97   1) The GUI is slightly altered so that it looks consistent and neat
98      for a number of visual styles which I was able to test it on.
99   2) The ability to drag and drop torrent files into the app has been
100      added.
101   3) It will minimize to the tray instead of task bar and hovering
102      mouse for the tray icon displays the current up and down rate.
103   4) Where previously the various limits boxes didn't validate
104      properly now they do and any invalid input is interpreted as no
105      limit and a nice infinity symbol is displayed.
106   5) Individual torrent info is saved and loaded when the program is
107      closed and reopened allowing torrent limits to be remembered.
108   6) If the program has to wait after the user clicking close for any
109      active connections to shutdown down 'cleanly' an optional small
110      dialog is displayed to alert the user that the program is still
111      running.
113Subversion: svn://
115In addition you can check out the Trac site(
116but I haven't really done much with it ... yet.
120It can be hard to remember to thank everyone but that is no excuse for
121leaving someone out. If I have done so let me know.
123  + Arvid Norberg- As the author of libtorrent he has made the single
124    biggest contribution to this project.
127  + Christopher Kohloff- The man behind Boost.ASIO a crucial element
128    of libtorrent and my own libhttp library.
131  + nudone (Nick Pearson)- The excellent artist who designed the icon
132    for Halite.
133 /
135  + Austin- Very kindly made the Iss install script for Halite.
137  + Everyone who has been in touch with me through email or the forum
138    and have shared their ideas and feature requests for the client.
139    They have given the project direction and purpose.
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